Many people choose to take advantage of our Easy Address Change Services, LLC premium services because we offer many additional benefits that you will not receive when changing your address directly with the United States Postal Authorities for one-low price of $79.95. Below you will find a list of the various premium services that are included with our new mover change of address package:

Premium Services & Benefits Include:

  • File your Change of Address with the USPS on your behalf and save a trip to the post office
  • Notify Up To 25 Other Organizations in addition to the USPS about your new address change
  • Reduce junk mail received at your new physical home address and reduce the clutter
  • Prevent telemarketers from harassing you with unwanted phone calls
  • Research and find the best internet providers and deals that service your new address
  • Research and find the best home utility providers in your area to help you connect your water, gas, and electric services for your new home
  • Research and find the best bundle packages available for at your new address for TV, Internet, and Telephone services
  • Research and compare Home Security System options available in your area to help you protect your new home from unwanted intruders
  • Research and find local Locksmiths in the local area that service your new home address
  • Find the best deals and discounts on moving companies to help you during the relocation process
  • Get up to $750 in new mover coupons to help welcome you to the neighborhood

No matter what your needs are... we're here to help make your move as smooth as possible.
We will help you do all the research necessary so you can find the best providers that not only meet your needs, but also fit your budget.

  • Avoid all the hassles of having to wait in line at the post office to file your change of address form with the USPS
  • Save time from trying to do all the research needed to identify the home utilities providers that service your new home
  • Avoid making endless phone calls and being transferred to multiple departments just to get simple answers from your utility companies
  • We'll take care of all the dreaded hassles for you like sitting on hold for hours waiting to talk to a live operator
  • We'll help you save time by finding all the best deals available in your area so you don't have to do the research yourself
  • Consider us like your own personal moving concierge service where we'll do all the work for you to help you save time and money
  • Our premium services helps making informed decisions fast and easy

We are a fully independent expert filing service for all your address changing needs including changing your address with the postal authorities and other organizations. We are not affiliated with the U.S. Postal Service - we work only for you, and only to improve your filing experience. You may research, prepare, and submit your own filing directly with the United States Postal Service (USPS) for a fee, however we're confident you will appreciate the many unique features of our service which are not available from the U.S. Post Office authorities. Some of these additional features include:

- Single-page Express Online Form Filing Assistant speeds and simplifies the process

- Your US Change of Address form documents are prepared for you on your behalf

- Notify up to 25 other organizations in addition to the U.S. Post Office

- We help you avoid common mistakes when changing your address online

- Our Third Party Assistance service works for you to save you time

- Live telephone support available to help answer any questions you may have (Monday - Saturday)

Our #1 goal and commitment is to help remove the hassles and stress of moving by taking care of all the annoying detailed tasks necessary for moving that most people just don't like to do on their own.

We strive to provide you with 100% complete satisfaction from our services. And if you are unhappy with our services for any reason, we will cheerfully refund your order right away with no questions asked. That's our promise to you!